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Why I Died: A Comedy!

Katie Rubin
Synthetic Unlimited Opera House
120 Joerschke Dr, Grass Valley

Ten characters. Much laughter. Commentary on America. Creativity Explored. Sufism Examined. WHAT? All in one show, you ask. Yes. I know it seems hard to believe. But, yes, in fact. Yes. Synthetic Unlimited is proud to present Katie Rubin’s new, hilarious one-woman show, Why I Died: A Comedy! on Friday, August 22nd, and Saturday, August 23rd at the new Synthetic Unlimited Opera House at 120 Joerschke Drive, Grass Valley, CA. 8 pm both nights, coffee and desserts in the Lounge. Get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets, or at the door. Tickets are $15.

“Go and see Katie Rubin in Why I Died, a comedy! She will make you laugh… a LOT!” -Don Grigware,

“Resembling a sharper and more grounded Mary-Louise Parker, the doll-faced Rubin possesses an infectious… smile, an unbounded amount of stage chutzpah, crackerjack comedy timing, and a huge repertoire of character voices…” -Bob Verini, Formerly of Variety

Friday, August 22nd, 8pm
Saturday, August 23rd, 8pm

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